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If we never leave our comfort zone, how will we find what's out there?

Post Draft Team Preview

I normally don´t like to get too bogged down in NFL draft pick analysis, not because I don´t love the draft, but I think none of us really know what … Continue reading

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Thoughts around the NFL

  April 5th, 2016 The Jets, Fitzpatrick, Dollars… it truly is a business.   With the stand-off between NY Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and the NY Jets  ongoing, one has … Continue reading

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NFL Week 16

Playoffs… ahhh that smell is in the air.. but we don’t yet know who’ll punch their final tickets.  Here’s a look at where current standing are at:   Week 16 … Continue reading

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Basque Coast

This past weekend was the last of nice weather, warm sunshine, and relaxation before the rain.  Instead of the usual day trip, we decided to explore some more local attractions … Continue reading

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January 23rd, 2016 Today was a great day to explore the Navarra province of Spain, specifically San Miguel de Aralar ( a huge sanctuary located on a mountain overlooking  Navarra). … Continue reading

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