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NFL Week 16

Playoffs… ahhh that smell is in the air.. but we don’t yet know who’ll punch their final tickets.  Here’s a look at where current standing are at:Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 7.09.20 PM


Week 16 Matchups

Patriots vs. Jets- 1:00 pm (MetLife Stadium)

-A matchup that the  NFL schedulers couldn’t have drawn up any better. The Jets needing a win to keep their playoff hopes alive, the Patriots looking to  virtually end the Jets season and secure home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, Revis vs. Brady gate… take your pick of story lines.

For those of you expecting a blowout… don’t be surprised if the Jets end up winning this ballgame.  They’ve won the past 4 in a row, and minus a week 7 drop by Brandon Marshall vs the Pats, they should’ve won that game (well, maybe giving up a 3rd and 17 didn’t help either).

Additionally, the Pats are a bit thin on offense, with injuries to Amendola as well as Edelman.  Look for Bill Bellicheck to scheme their gameplan around running backs: James White, Branden Boldin, and newly signed Steven Jackson.  As always, the x factor will be Tom Brady, and his his ability to exploit matchups.  On paper, the jets have the advantage with perimiter players, however Brady can make their top ranked defense look pedestrian if no pass rush is established.

—-Enter, Ryan Fitzpatrick, your quintessential veteran who can do enough for to keep them in it, and allow the Jets defense to take over.  Jets should win this in a close one.





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