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April 5th, 2016

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The Jets, Fitzpatrick, Dollars… it truly is a business.   With the stand-off between NY Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick and the NY Jets  ongoing, one has to think: It´s time to sign already.  At the end of the season, I would say that Fitz had some leverage, considering his numbers and the teams overall record,, but after a meltdown in Buffalo, can have say 10 million.  But 17 million? Ridiculous.  Now, I think he is a solid veteran QB, but with how he performed in week 17 with the playoffs on the line, he doesn´t deserve big money, not with his age or physical intangibles.  The Jets view him as a a started for another year, maybe two, with the hopes of handing the keys over to  a younger guy  (Bryce Petty?  Future draft pick?)  Make it 10 million and both sides can move forward amicably .  Now on to other news around the league…..

Draft Notes

Tennessee Titans–  With the  1st overall pick… the Titans have two options:

1.Protect their prized franchise QB by taking Laremy Tumsil

2.  Trade down to a QB needy team (SF, LA), acquire extra picks, and then… protect your prized franchise QB.  Plenty of talent in the draft, but in my opinion, it all starts with the big men in the trenches.  With Mariota and newly acquired RB DeMarco Murray, you´d better make sure you have the horses upfront to clear the way and protect your top franchise signal-caller. Trade down, take the 2nd or 3rd best Tackle, and then acquire another good player later with the additional picks.


Thoughts on the Oakland Raiders–  Oakland and Head Coach Jack Del Rio are quietly building a nasty, naaaasty defense out there in Northern California. With the recent resigning of troubled, yet talented linebacker Aldon Smith (if he can stay out of trouble) ,  as well as newly signed pass rusher Bruce Irvin, not to mention teamed with all pro linebacker Khalil Mack..oh jeez-that line backing corp is going to be something to watch.  It  also will interesting to see how other AFC west teams will strategize their drafts based on Oakland´s moves (Offensive Lineman anyone?).  The raiders now have to address their secondary, especially with Charles Woodson retiring as well ad defensive line. Luckily this draft is loaded with defensive linemen,-and if they´re willing to part with their first round pick, Muhammad Wilkerson is available  Look for them to draft early at corner and interior defensive linemen.


Speaking of the AFC West-  I´ll be interested to see what happens in Denver in the coming weeks.  Yes, they´ve signed veteran  QB Mark Sanchez to a low risk high reward deal-2 yrs  $9 million.  Let´s see if he´s their only  proven starter on the roster come training camp.    Interesting here due to the fact that when you look at the numbers comparing Osweiler and Sanchez,  Broncos saved some serious cash for a more productive player.  Sanchez does have playoff experience, going to 2 consecutive AFC Championship ganes, while beating Tom Brady, Phillip Rivers, Carson Palmer, and yes Peyton Manning in the process.  I also have to ask the question, if John Elway valued Osweiler so much, why bench him for a 40 year old Peyton manning, who physically was a shell of his former self..hmm?

-Enter Colin Kaepernick,  coming off an season in which he was placed on IR,  he clearly wants out of San Francisco, but the question is whether he will take less money to do so.   He´d love to play for the Broncos, who have an elite defense and two great wide receivers. Denver is interested, at the very least ,to breed competition between him and Sanchez, however Kaep  will have to take a significant pay-cut from his 11.9 base salary he´ll earn this year, to vie  for the starting role in Denver.  With Chip Kelly running a fast-paced no huddle offense, it would be the perfect spot for Kaepernick. Let´s see how it plays out.


On Carson Wentz-

Before you read any further, I want to mention my Good Friend, Joe Kerlin, editor of the North Dakota  sports magazine- Bison Illustrated, who wrote an excellent piece on NDSU´s projected 1st round quarterback.  Here´s the link:







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